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Osborne 103

Osborne 103

A fantastic tipple from the Osborne range, aged in a solera system made out of American oak barrels which have been season with Sherry. Enjoyable over ice or in cocktails.


Soberano Brandy is a sweet, easy-to-drink Spanish brandy aged in a Solera system. The brand has been around since 1835.


Osborne Veterano is a well loved Spanish brandy, which matured in American oak casks, which previously held oloroso Sherry from Jerez.

Carlos I

The wonderfully rich Carlos I Solera Gran Reserve Brandy de Jerez from Osborne has received a new bottle and a slightly higher ABV!

Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier

Aroma: Nose of candied orange with nuances of citrus zests, orange and bergamot essences. Flavour: Candied orange and macerated citrus fruit flavours softened by notes of pine, sandalwood and Earl Grey tea. The finish is long and persistent.


A solera brandy from the D.E. Brandy of Jerez. A brandy produced in the Osborne winery in El Puerto de Santa María, with a special mix of brandies, aged in American oak barrels that previously contained quality wine.


Asbach is a famous German brandy with an ardent cult following, particularly amongst British ex-servicemen, many of whom have developed a fondness for it while stationed in the country. This 3 year old is the sibling to Asbach Uralt.

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